I - Basics

FundMeNow Fx is an online simulated demo trading evaluation prop firm. We offer our clients education and the chance to complete our assessment and prove their trading skills with no risks to them for just the price of the upfront fee paid for the evaluation.

We offer two different programs which are 1. Instant Funding and 2. One-step evaluation challenge

Instant funding allows traders to receive their rewards instantly without having to wait for a traditional evaluation process. The traders can request a payout as soon as 7 days after the start date and get their profit split according to their agreement with us.

The one-step evaluation process allows traders to demonstrate their skills in just one stage instead of going through 2 Phases. After the set goals are passed without violating the Challenge rules, the traders will move into the next phase which is the Simulated Live Account.

We have Two different types of Affiliate Programs:
1. You can refer clients and earn 20% of each sale
2. You can introduce affiliates and earn 10% of your affiliates earnings.

Before issuing a Funded Account or any type of payout, we require you to verify your ID and pass our KYC verification. The process will take no more than 5 minutes. You will be asked to submit a valid ID, and a selfie that matches your face to the one on your submitted ID.

Valid photo ID, this includes:
Driver’s License, Passport, ID Card, Residence Permit
Proof of address within the last 60 days, this includes:, Bank statements, Utility bills, Phone bills

You will receive your Trading Platform and Dashboard credentials within 5/10 minutes. For Coinbase Commerce payments, you will receive your credentials once the payment is confirmed on the blockchain, which it can take some time.

If you have not received your account credentials for more than 12 hours after the payment was confirmed, please check your spam, junk inboxes of your registered email. If you still cannot find your welcome email please reach out to our live support chat and a Specialist Team will assist you in getting your credentials and getting back on track.

No, traders can attempt the evaluation process as many times as they wish, provided they pay the evaluation fee for each attempt.

II - Rules

There is no time limit for our FundMeNow Fx evaluation process Challenge. So take your time, apply the right risk-management, be consistent and make profits, however terms apply in case of promotions. For some promotions the time limit for the evaluation challenge is 30 days. Check terms and conditions at the moment of checkout.

Daily Drawdown: You will have an allowed max daily drawdown of 4%. This is calculated based on the initial balance for each trading day. For example for a $100K account the daily drawdown will always be $4k. This is then subtract from the daily starting balance or equity (whichever is higher) at the start of a new day 5PM EST.

This max daily drawdown will reset every day at around 5PM EST
For example, If you have a $100,000 account and have a trade open that is floating $10,000 in profit when the day changes at 5PM EST your daily drawdown will be calculated based on $110,000 – $4,000 = $106,000. This means the following day if your account goes below $101,760 you will violate.

Maximum Drawdown: You will have an allowed max total drawdown of 8% on evaluation and 6% on instant funding. This includes closed positions and open trades as well, and commissions and swaps.

If you violate or breach one of the rules your account will be automatically terminated and you will need to create a new one.

Once passing our One-step challenge, you will receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you that you have passed. Next step you will need to verify your Identity through our KYC process, and sign the Agreement. Once the documents are submitted, our team will review your challenge account and send you the credentials for your next account within 48 hours.

YES! You’re permitted to use an EA during both the Evaluation Phase and your Simulated Live Account.

YES! You’re permitted to use HFT during both the Evaluation Phase and your Simulated Live Account.

There are no restrictions on trading style, however, certain strategies are prohibited as they go against our terms of use policy due to them being deemed as “cheating”. Any strategy that takes advantage of the demo environment will result in the termination of a trader’s account, whether in the evaluation phase or while funded.

Here are some, not limited, examples of prohibited strategies:
Guaranteed limit orders, Maximum lot size, Data feed manipulation, Inactivity period, Trading on delayed charts, Trading during High Intensity news (starting from 2 minutes prior until 2 minutes after the release time no trading is allowed at all).
To avoid trading during high intensity news (Red News), make sure you constantly check any of the economic calendars online (the most accurate economic calendar that we recommend is ForexLive.com).

Yes, we allow copy trading.

Please note that you are allowed to copy trades from our Accounts towards external proprietary firms accounts.
All trades on FundMeNow Fx accounts must be placed manually by the trader who is named on the account.
You cannot copy trades from an external account into a FundMeNow Fx account.
Please keep in mind that if you’re replicating trades from an external account into a FundMeNow Fx account, those trades must be initiated by the owner of the FundMeNow Fx account.

Yes, we allow holding trades over the weekends and overnight.

You will receive your first payout after 14 Days of your first trade.

According to our Terms and Conditions, participants in our Challenge and Funded Program must be the sole traders of their accounts. We strongly advise not to use VPNs or VPSs to access trading accounts as this can interfere with our internal data tracking systems. This practice is often seen in services that do not allow multiple users on one account. While you are allowed to use a VPN or VPS, if any suspicious activity is detected on your account, the use of these tools may be taken into consideration when determining whether you violated our terms and conditions.

It is important that you adhere to our Terms and Conditions, which explicitly forbid having multiple users trading on your account or utilizing any “pass-your-challenge” services.

Furthermore, connecting to VPNs or VPSs during the KYC/AML verification process is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to your account not being funded, or if it’s discovered that you completed the KYC/AML process using a VPS or VPN, your funded account may be disabled or breached.


Yes, our simulated funded accounts can be merged after passing the evaluation phase.
Please note we allow a maximum account merging balance up to $1M.

You can trade on our partnered trading platform using MT4. Please note that trading on MT5 is not allowed anymore, and by choosing it as your preferred platform, you will still receive MT4 credentials by default.

Our Instant funding program allows you to start making profits from day one, without having to pass any evaluation or verification process. Please note that to be eligible for a payout the trader must wait 7 days from the initial starting date before sending a withdrawal request. Each payout after the first one, will be every 14 days.

Once completing the One-step Challenge, you will receive your One-time refundable fee at the moment of your first payout.

To request a payout, simply reply to your credentials email, and after your account is reviewed, we will process and send the payout split through Bank Transfer or Crypto Transfer.
Please note traders must be eligible for withdrawal to submit a withdrawal request
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